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Sugar Cookies

There is something magical about Christmas themed treats.  For me, sugar cookies are the epitome of Christmas sweets with Italian flag cookies taking a close second.  And now, what birthday party or baby shower is complete without themed sugar cookie?  I’m not talking about the Pillsbury sugar cookie rolls that you slice and bake.  Although, these do evoke a certain childhood nostalgia since they had to fill in the gap years when my mom went on a sugar cookie baking hiatus.  I’m talking about the painstaking make-from-scratch sugar cookie dough that you hope might roll out correctly.  Then, you pray that the dough will hold its shape as you press the copper or steel cookie cutters into the soft sugar dough. 

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Gingerbread Cookies

I have always loved gingerbread cookies and over the past twenty years have tried several different recipes for my Christmas cookie bags. This is a lovingly adapted recipe from the now defunct Gourmet Magazine. It is the best that I have stumbled upon in terms of the balance of the spices and the degree of fluffiness. It is also a very forgiving dough…so you can mess up and re-roll it several times which is great for toddlers.

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