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About Christina: 
Ever since I was three years old rolling out sugar cookies with my mom, I have loved to be in the kitchen.  Fast forward almost forty years, and I am still in the kitchen and passing on the tradition of rolling out sugar cookies with my six-year-old son.   I can’t think of many other things that give me so much joy.  The recipes on Collards & Cannoli are my standard, go-to weekly recipes.  I grew up eating a mix of Sicilian food and Southern food.  But I mostly grew up eating Sicilian food, since my Sicilian born father ensured that shortly after he married my Mississippi born mother, she was taught how to cook his favorites.  Yes, I was that kid who took a stuffed artichoke to school for lunch.  I was also that kid who went on a field trip to a catfish farm and asked for a hot dog.  (I’m not sure how I never developed a taste for catfish, since my mother grew up on a catfish farm.)  While my recipes are steeped in Southern and Sicilian traditions, I have also infused some of my own personal flare into them.  I hope that by having a written recipe that my son can replicate the flavors of his childhood one day.  I also hope that these recipes give you and your family as much joy as they do mine.
— Christina

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