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Almond Cake

No one will ever think this cake came from a box. I had Christina fooled for years! She would rave about this cake, and I was so intimidated by her cooking skills that I wouldn’t give her the recipe. I didn’t want her to know it came from a box! I was afraid I’d lose all credibility since it wasn’t totally from scratch. Well, obviously we have come past that point in our relationship.

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White Cake (aka the Cake Mix Hack)

Let’s face it. We are all busy. You know, there is something about a cake mix that takes the pressure off of making a scratch cake. But, we still want it to taste like scratch. It is easy enough to “doctor up” a cake mix, as my grandmother would say. Real butter and buttermilk make everything taste better. Even the crust is more authentic with this hack. We had the trimmings for breakfast with coffee just this weekend. It was good even plain!

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